Sinus Control - 60 count

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*Herbal sinus and immune formula
*May help relieve sinus pressure

Sinus Control was developed for people who suffer from sinus-related issues. It contains a formula of helpful ingredients such as Andrographis and Siberian ginseng, which may help support the body"s natural defenses. Recent studies show Andrographis helps significantly reduce the severity, duration, and symptoms of the common cold.

Sinus Control has N-Acetyl Cysteine, a powerful mucolytic that helps break down mucus viscosity, allowing sinuses to drain. This makes conditions in the sinuses less conducive for bacteria and fungus to grow.

Inflammation can contribute to sinus pressure and pain. Bromelain has been shown to reduce arachidonic acid. Berberine sulfate is a salt form similar to the berberine alkaloids found in Goldenseal, a plant known to have natural antibiotic properties.

Dosage: Take 3 capsules per day or as recommended by your health care professional.

Contraindications: None known.