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Our expert nutritionists and support staff:

Toni Booker

Toni Finsterwald

Katie Garrott

Heather Kearney

Amanda Wichman


Toni Booker


"Food is a sensitive subject". There are many misconceptions when it comes to health, including the role of a nutritionist. Most people expect them to be critical of their weight and food choices or give them a difficult and strict diet to follow.

How can Toni help you? Toni helps people identify, clarify and prioritize their health goals. Many of our clients have navigated the health food store alone and have product overload, so she likes to help minimize and simplify your supplements. Most importantly, she helps clients have a positive attitude about the changes they are making, recognize their progress, encourage, motivate and educate along the path toward optimal health and wellness!

She found health and wellness through nutrition after suffering from a medical illness before the age of 16. Doctors told her there was no treatment. After spending 30 minutes with a nutritionist, her life was changed forever! Fast forward to today, she now has 18 years working in the natural/ health world, including 10 years of experience at FEM Centre/ Energy Health Centre. Not to mention, all that she has learned from being a home-birthing, breastfeeding mom!

In Toni's own words, "I have the most rewarding career possible. One of the best things about working with Dr. McWherter is helping people become healthier every single day. Not only do we hear testimonials of how much better people feel, the healthcare providers at FEM /EHC are actively involved in that journey towards wellness. 99% of my knowledge is from 18 years working the industry".

Toni Booker became a licensed certified nutritionist in 2004 through the NINE's (National Institute for Nutrition Education) program and AHSU (Am Health Science University). She spent 7 years working at a family owned health food store and 10 years working with Dr. McWherter. She is a Fort Worth native who enjoys roller skating, dancing, Learning, Living and raising children "the natural way". She also enjoys reading non-fiction, research, and self-help books. Toni Booker is also Energy Health Centre's "laser expert".

EHC Supplements Toni is passionate about:

"B Supreme is ESSENTIAL! LIFE CANT BEGIN without folic acid, the liver cannot detoxify without b vitamins, metabolism doesn't exist without b vitamins therefore you can imagine how crummy I felt when I was deficient! 1 out of every 4 people have a genetic mutation effecting how their body uses b vitamins. basically b vitamins from health food stores fall short. If your luck is as good as mine, then assume you are a gentic mutant and try B Supreme. ESPECIALLY if you are EXHAUSTED and nothing helps. ESPECIALLY if you've already taken b 12 or a b complex and it didn't give you energy. Especially if you are young but have hormone imbalances (PCOS or high estrogen levels). ESPECIALLY if you have suffered from depression, anxiety, mood issues that get WORSE with birth control pills. That was me- all of those symptoms improved when I began using the correct product! B Supreme contains ALL of the B vitamins (including B12, Biotin and folic acid) in the most advanced forms that even genetic mutants can use and ALL body systems WORK BETTER as a result. LIFE is better with B Supreme. Greens is AWESOME! ORGANIC FRUITS AND VEGETABLES in a powder form that tastes magnificent when stirred into plain water- no blender, no smoothie needed. Our Greens product is not diluted with herbs, inactive probiotics, rice, fiber, sugar or soy. 1 heaping teaspoon of the products the antioxidants is equal to 6 servings organic fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables were put here for a reason so LIFE IS BETTER when your diet consists of optimal amounts! The antioxidants in Greens are essential for liver detoxification, ENERGY, metabolism, ALKALINE PH, reducing cancer risks, reduced inflammation, less pain, vibrant skin......" -Toni B.



Toni Finsterwald, CNFC


Toni Finsterwald joined the Energy Health Centre in November, 2003 as the Director of Nutritional Detoxification after previously serving as the National Director of Education for Be Healthy, Inc., which specialized in alternative treatments for immune system disorders. For more than 15 years, she has focused her attention on current health epidemics including Candida, yeast overgrowth, depression, ADD, food allergies, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and other auto-immune diseases. Toni has personally overcome an auto-immune disorder which has fueled her desire to share her successful journey with others.

The core of Toni's programs revolve around coahcing people for weight loss or the remission of disease. She has coached groups on psychological and dietary improvement for many years since finishing her education at Boston Bouve School of Sports Education and Recreation Therapy in Boston, MA.

In Toni's own words, "Nutritional changes, lifestyle/stress management, and herbal cleansing make a direct and lasting impact on all these Millennials".


Katie Garrott

Nutrition Assistant

Katie obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Furman University in SC in 2010. She has been a personal trainer, boot camp instructor, health coach, and physical therapy technician. Motivated by a lack of results she often observed in clients and patients in these fields, she enrolled in science pre-requisite classes, and applied to graduate school to find the underlying causes behind health obstacles.

Katie will graduate in March 2017 with a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, then go on to earn her Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), an advanced practitioner credential. She practices functional medicine: a patient-centered approach of addressing the root causes of dysfunction in the body to restore optimal health. This type of medicine is able to address conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, impaired adrenals, autoimmunity, IBS, and others that conventional medicine is ill-equipped to treat. Katie uses questionnaires, laboratory testing, and listening to her clients’ stories to reveal their underlying dysfunctions, then uses coaching, education, and evidence-based treatment plans to correct the imbalances and allow the body to thrive. In her free time, Katie enjoys hiking, traveling, and trying out new allergen-free recipes that her clients can use.

EHC Supplements Katie is passionate about:

"My favorite supplement at the Energy Health Centre is the Protein Complete Chocolate combined withBanana Intest Restorewhich allows me to get a multivitamin, pre-biotic, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying herbs, and protein in a delicious meal without cooking or remembering to take a supplement! It keeps me full, satisfied, and energized throughout the morning without any bloat or sluggishness."   -Katie


Heather Kearney

Business Development/Marketing Manager

Although Heather is new to Energy Health Centre, she has been involved in the health and fitness industry since she was a teenager. She grew being passionate about her diet and working out, but took it to another level once diagnosed with an auto-immune disease while attending Texas Tech University. Since diagnosis in college, she has dedicated her life to helping others with auto-immune issues to get healthier through diet and exercise. After taking a year to get her diet on track, she was able to cut down the inflammation enough to join a competitive dance team in college, then worked towards running the Seal Beach Triathlon in California in 2014. The past couple of years she worked for the UFC Gym where she helped manage Nutritionists and a personal training team. Their goal was to get people to become the best they could be through health and fitness. She looks forward to helping all the members on her team at Energy Health Centre, as well as the patients.

EHC Supplements Heather is passionate about:

"I've started using the Intest Restore Original Capsules and already noticed a huge decrease in bloating, stomach acid and pain associated with eating! I absolutely love the K2 with D3 and DHEA to help balance my hormones. I was extremely DHEA deficient up until the last couple weeks of taking DHEA and the K2 with D3. It was causing me all kinds of hormonal imbalances, I wasn't aware of, while not taking those supplements".    -Heather



Amanda Wichman

Energy Health Centre Inventory Specialist

Amanda is a recent addition to the team at Energy Health Centre Colleyville. Filling a brand-new position as inventory specialist, she works tirelessly to ensure that all supplements are ready and available for our patients. She also helps with reception and order fulfillment. When she is not working, Amanda spends as much time as possible with her two little girls. She greatly values time with her little family and is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan.

EHC Supplements Amanda is passionate about:

"My favorite Energy Health supplement is Intest Restore Advanced (specifically Orange). Drinking Intest Restore once a day has helped to dramatically reduce my bloating caused by colitis, an autoimmune disease from which I suffer."    -Amanda


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