Intest Restore Original - Capsules

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-Potent antioxidant, multi-vitamin and mineral supplement
-Powerful combination of anti-inflammatory herbs
-May help calm inflammatory responses
-May help support intestinal health
-Convenient capsule form

Also Available in Powder Form

ENERGY HEALTH Intest Restore is the core product for all ENERGY HEALTH Centre programs and is the collaborative formulation of our renowned staff of doctors and nutritionists. Intest Restore contributes to a reduction in inflammation, supports blood sugar levels, and provides nourishment to the tissues and glands while addressing the condition known as Leaky Gut Syndrome. This product is a powerful combination of ingredients that work synergistically to support overall health!

L-glutamine is an amino acid, or part of a protein, that makes up the lining of the intestinal tract. Low serum levels of glutamine have been linked to such conditions as Leaky Gut Syndrome, Crohn’s and food allergies. Athletes have used L-glutamine to prevent the breakdown of lean muscle and to promote muscle recovery. L-glutamine benefits those with insulin resistance due to its blood sugar balancing properties.

Glycine is an amino acid that reduces gastric distress, improves detoxification in the liver, increases the release of human growth hormone and balances the immune system. Beta Sitosterol is a plant sterol that has anti-inflammatory, cancer-fighting, and immune-modulating effects. It also improves prostatic function and has been shown to reduce elevated cholesterol levels.

N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) increases the production of the powerful antioxidant glutathione, and shows potential as a preventive agent in cancers such as breast cancer.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a primary source of bioavailable sulfur, which is usually removed by the industrial/commercial processing of food. MSM improves digestive tract problems and enhances the liver’s ability to remove toxins from your body by sulfation. It also helps eradicate yeast overgrowth in the colon-especially after use of antibiotics.

Quercitin is widely distributed in the plant kingdom and provides many benefits including heart protection, cancer prevention, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. Quercitin attaches to estrogen binding site 2, which inhibits overstimulation of the breast cell by Estradiol.

Turmeric is the active ingredient derived from the herb curcuma longa. The active constituents, which include curcumin, have been shown to be powerful antioxidants, which can protect the liver, fight cancer, and be anti-inflammatory. Cancer researchers have noted its chemo preventive and therapeutic properties. Studies have confirmed that it helps stop the spread of breast cancer cells to other areas of the body.

Grape seed extract is derived from the small seeds of the red grape and is a rich source of flavonoids. The antioxidants in these seeds are said to be even more powerful than vitamins C and E. Grape seed extract helps prevent heart disease and deters breast cancer formation by inhibiting aromatase.

Dosage: Take 12 capsules per day or as directed by your health care practitioner.

Contraindications: Not recommended for patients allergic to rice protein/rice bran or sensitivity to listed herbs.