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Meet Our Nutritionist Toni!

Meet Our Nutritionist Toni!

Meet our nutritionist Toni and learn about what she can do for you and how she can help you reach your health goals!


Toni Lee Finsterwald is an advanced herbal and vitamin practitioner, creating personal rotation diets and detoxification protocols for men, women, and  children throughout the United States. Since 2003, she has been involved in clinical research on the effects of diet and customized products to help heal leaky gut and lower intestine inflammation. Her training began in the early 1990’s under the tutelage of Donna Gates, author of The Body Ecology Diet. She also trained with Dean Martens, Clinical Herbalist, well known detoxification specialist in the area of chronic disease resolution, and owner of Herbs of Light nutritional manufacturing company. After many years teaching on the aisles of health food stores, Toni became the National Education Director for Be Healthy, Inc., a public relations firm promoting holistic immune system products for use in the treatment of chronic and life-threatening diseases.

            Since 2003, Toni has been associated with FEM Centre and Energy Health Centre, founded by Joseph McWherter, MD, FACOG. As a staff nutritionist, she consults with patients four days a week on detoxification, weight loss, and nutrition for overall health.  Toni has also created more than seven prescriptive diets for allergies, auto immune conditions, intestinal bowel diseases, skin conditions, asthma, and cancer.

            Toni’s love of quality meal preparation began at the age of fourteen when she became a program cook for a large Christian non-profit organization. In her words, “I fell in love with healthy food and never looked back!” In these harried and trying times, Toni aspires to inspire other moms to enjoy the art of good food shared with their families. She has five children of her own to encourage, some of whom were plagued by food allergies and blood sugar imbalances, so she understands fully the need to feed kids and their caregivers better. As most of us have learned, good nutrition begins before birth and continues for a lifetime.

Lecture Topics include:

Preventative strategies for avoiding and correcting Immune System Dysfunction


Treatment of Chronic Viral Conditions:

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Epstein Barr
  • Hepatitis C
  • Shingles
  • HPV
  • Candida Yeast overgrowth – the epidemic which causes chronic illness
  • Detoxification Methods for Neurotoxicity, Liver Toxicity, Yeast, Fungus, and Parasite Overgrowth


Digestive Disorders:

  • IBS
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Intestinal Dysbiosis
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Chrohn’s Disease
  • GERD

Cognitive, Neurotransmitter, and Behavioral disorders:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Loss of Motivation
  • Anger
  • Loss of Libido
  • Insomnia


Endocrine Imbalances:

  • Adrnal Fatigue
  • Adrenal Exhaustion
  • Hypothyroid and Hashimoto's
  • PCOS and other female hormone imbalances
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Elevated Cholesterol
  • High Blood Sugar
  • Obesity 

Ready to schedule an appointment with Toni? Call our Colleyville office at 817-421-2922 or the Fort Worth office at 817-927-5111.