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• Provides Concentrated Immunoglobulins to Enhance Mucosal Immunity
• Helps Maintain Microbial Balance
• Stimulates toe Body’s Normal Gut Repair Mechanisms

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IgG is an immunoglobulin concentrate derived from colostral whey peptides. It delivers natural immunoglobulins (standardized to a minimum of 40% IgG), bioactive proteins, and growth factors. These components support immune function, healthy inflammatory

activity, gut barrier function, and gastrointestinal health and tissue repair. Advanced coagulation and filtration techniques make IgG a unique formula that is superior in its bioactive composition and purity.


The basic functions of immunoglobulins are the neutralization and opsonization of harmful microbes. Unlike antibiotics, they allow the immune system to differentiate foreign microbes from the body’s normal microflora. The transfer of immunity through oral supplementation is a natural, logical and effective process for obtaining immunity. In adults, the concentration of immunoglobulin in the digestive tract and on mucosal surfaces predict the risk of infection. Almost 80% of all foreign microbes enter the body either through mucosal tissue or stay localized on mucosal surfaces. Each day, the G.I. tract immune cells produce about five grams of immunoglobulins. However, during times of stress, there is significantly reduced secretion. Supplemental immunoglobulins act first in the intestinal tract to eliminate or inhibit the proliferation of disease-causing

organisms and toxins. This reduces the stimulation of the immune response in the gut so that the body’s resources can be redirected toward challenges elsewhere.



Dosage: Take two capsules twice daily or as recommended by your health care practitioner.


Contraindications: None known.

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