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Loyalty Program FAQ’s


What is the Energy Health Centre loyalty program?

The Energy Health Centre loyalty program is our way of saying “Thank you” for supplement purchases at Energy Health Centre.


How do I sign up for the program?

Please click the Loyalty link at the top of the page and click "Register"


How does the program work?

You earn one loyalty point for each dollar spent toward Energy Health Centre supplements or services. Supplement points are acquired at the end of each product transaction. Every 200 points equals a $5.00 discount. You do not have a threshold to reach or maintain to keep your loyalty points active. And there is no expiration on points! What you earn, you keep.


Do I have to carry a discount card or remember a customer number?

No – we have made it very simple for you, all your points are linked to your phone number in our computer system.


How do I keep track of and redeem my points?

The points will automatically accrue and be available for redemption at your next purchase. You earn and spend without having to remember totals or points. We will tell you what you have available at the time of purchase and ask if you would like to redeem points. Online purchases will see the total amount of points available at checkout.


Can I use my loyalty points on supplements on special that month?

Certainly! Loyalty points are redeemable on all of our supplements.


What if I return a product? Do I get to keep my points earned on that product?

No. Points earned on the original purchase will be deducted from your loyalty account. You will only get points for purchased products and redeemed services.


Can I get cash back instead of using the Loyalty Points?

No, there is no cash value for the loyalty points.


Do I get credit for my previous purchases?

Unfortunately, there is no way to track previous purchases for loyalty point credits.


Can points be transferred to a spouse, friend, or family member?

No, points are non-transferrable and must reside with the original holder.