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About Energy Health Centre

Our medical providers, practitioners, nutritionists, and staff personally use and recommend Energy Health Centre's pharmaceutical-grade supplements. Our supplements, which are manufactured to the highest standards, are designed to augment balanced eating and a healthy lifestyle. They are formulated to target inflammation, repair system imbalances, and support specific body systems: immune, circulatory, nerve, endocrine, organ, respiratory, muscular, digestive, skeletal, lymphatic, and excretory. 

We offer a variety of nutritional services that are affordable, flexible, and individualized to meet the needs of your unique digestive and culinary limitations. We offer accountability and structured programs that long with the latest research, make Energy Health Centre a win-win for permanent weight loss at an affordable price. 

We also offer the unique service of Breast Thermograms. Thermography produces high resolution images of the temperature variations arising from inflammatory induced atypical blood vessel formation, tissue damage, and increased cell metabolism. Since inflammation produces heat, thermal imaging may detect the increased metabolic heat associated with suspicious growths sometimes right to ten years before a tumor can be detected by mammography alone. Thermography is safe, free of radiation, and does not involve compression of the breast.