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Gut Revialization

Gut Revialization

Your gut is so important to good health and needs to be just as supported as your muscles, joints, and heart.

Gut Revitalization

Your overall health and disposition are so connected to the condition of your gut that your gut has been coined the second brain.

Intestinal permeability, “Leaky Gut,” is an insidious syndrome where the linking of the intestinal tract, the tight junctures where we absorb our nutrients, are damaged and allow in harmful substances like large food particle, microbes, and biotoxins. Then the Gut-Associated Lymphatic Tissue (GALT) send off a cytokine alarm that causes inflammation in the gut. There are many substances that can cause this damage to the gut barrier including: drugs, steroids, mold, stress, and allergenic foods, like gluten.

A leaky gut leads to toxic liver burden, gall bladder dysfunction, increased food and environmental allergies, adrenal fatigue, chronic inflammatory conditions, weight gain, and neurological changes.

To revitalize the gut, we must first begin by addressing the various habits that have gotten us into this downward spiral of dysfunction. After this, we then recommend:

  • The 21 Day Diet we introduced over 20 years ago. This diet involved eliminating processed and inflammatory foods. Doing this diet for even three weeks can being the restoration process within the gut and aid in the body’s natural detoxification process. We recommend including our Intest Restore, as this product was designed to help reduce inflammation in the body, and heal the gut lining, while restoring energy and antioxidants to the cells.
  • Take a quality enzyme blend supplement based on your nutritional symptoms. We carry a vast assortment of digestive products that may help improve digestion and may address everything from constipation to low bile production.
  • Probiotic Therapy is the best way to introduce specific strains of probiotics to reinocculate the gut with friendly flora. Dysbiosis is a big cause of gut issues, so we introduce specific strains to help the gut start to heal. These strains may also help the immune system, support gut health, as well as support energy levels and mood. They are also beneficial in fighting pathogens that harm the lining of our urinary tract and other mucus membranes. We carry an extensive line of human commensal and shelf stale blends for all ages and health conditions.


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