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Electrolyte Balance, Energy, and Cellular Detox

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Electrolyte Balance, Energy,  and Cellular Detox

Understand the importance of electrolytes and minerals and what they do for our bodies!

When I began my study of homeopathy and cellular detoxification in the early part of 2005, I ran across a chart which was developed by the Heel Homeopathic Corporation for reversing chronic conditions. They indicated in this model that the first imbalance in the homeostasis of the blood and cells is a mineral or electrical shift. Every cell in our body is dependent on the positive and negative charges brought about by electrolytes. Cellular energy is largely dependent upon these charges. Interestingly, different types of cells have different voltages. Red blood cells have a voltage of 10mV, 90mV’s for skeletal muscles and nerves, and 70mV’s for neurons. Muscles and neurons are referred to as the “electrical tissues” of the body. Electrolytes, particles that carry a positive or negative charge, therefore play a huge roll in the function of our nerves and muscles and provide proper support of our sensory organs, balancing the narrow range of blood acidity (pH levels) and pressure (osmotic) and help to repair damaged tissues. Did you know that electrolytes move nutrients into your cells and remove waste from them? Did you know that your heart and brain are highly dependent on electrolyte balance?

Here is the essential line-up!

            Sodium – the main mineral in the extra cellular fluid, it is responsible for moving ion into the cells

            Calcium – controls nerve contractions

            Potassium – highly reactive, it produces positive charge ions, conducts, electricity and moves ions out of the cells

            Magnesium – involved in over 600 biochemical reactions within the body every second of the day

            Chloride – Assists with fluid balance, delivery of oxygen to the cells, and helps with moving towards and acid-base balance

            Phosphate – reciprocal to calcium, important for blood clotting, providing energy for muscle contraction, and necessary for the formation of bone and teeth

            Energy Health Centre offers BodyBio E-Lyte Concentrate and BodyBio’s Ionic Pre-Mixed Minerals blend, as well as individual minerals in liquid form. We also offer in-office testing for mineral deficiencies. Please feel free to give us a call for more information, the answer to your low energy could be right at your fingertips!